Add a Photo to your Thank You Card

Thank you for choosing Dazzle Expressions! This listing is for a digital file you can print from anywhere. We'll do all the custom design work for you to give you an effortless and smooth experience. Please read the entire description below prior to completing your order and contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Add a Photo to your Thank You Card
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The free thank you card that comes with your invitation is a standard card and does not include a photo. To include a photo from the party please purchase this listing at any time (now or after the party) and we will personalize it for you.

Please include the following information when fill out the form.

1. Email the photo to us at

2. The title of the invitation that this card needs to match.

3. Child's Name and Age

4. Wording on thank you card Options:

   Standard wording
   Your own wording
   Left blank

Standard wording is usually similar to:

I loved the cake and presents too,
but the very best part was seeing you!
Thank you for helping me celebrate
my "first" birthday!



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